Thomas Deuel Scarff

He attended Linwood School and St. James Collegiate for his schooling. He liked to sketch and paint. He also enjoyed ice skating. He faithfully attended his church, and was a committed Christian.

He leaves behind nine nieces and nephews who were all born after his passing.  All of us know the place that he had in his mom and dad’s heart (our grandparents) and in the hearts of our parents, Gertrude, Mabel and Benjamin and their spouses. He has 27 great nieces and nephews and many great-great nieces and nephews as well.

Thomas Deuel’s father, Charles Henry Scarff had an older brother named Thomas Deuel. We know that is where he got his name! He went by Deuel (rhymes with jewel). One nephew, one great nephew and one great-great nephew all share the name Deuel as part of their name too.

text mailed to us by: Pat Hayes.