Most of Halifax JB803 was salvaged in 1943, however some bits and pieces remained at the crash site.


In 2003 a Merlin engine was found after some research by the Aircraft Recovery Group from Heemskerk, Noord Holland.


The engine was in quite a good shape after being buried in the mud since the crash.


Also some incendiaries were found, but they were disposed of in the right manner.


Photo’s by: Guus Kroon




Photo’s received from William van de Kleut


Recent finds:




Finds 29-3-2019

.303 bullet point
fuel or hydrolic line
Rather large piece of bakelite

Engine part?
C&B 63 factory stamp.
Same part as above, still has paint on it.
Pretty heavy piece with bakelite around it.
probably engine casing
Engine part.
Black paint still visible.
Some sort of hinge.
Small piece bakelite.