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How the research is going thusfar!

Ada Hannah Corke’s birth was registered in 1st Q 1884 in Yarmouth mothers maiden name was England (Volume 4b Page 26).

She was baptised as Edie Hannah Cork on 7 Feb 1884 with a birth date given as 14 Jan 1884 (Norfolk, England, Bishop and Archdeacon Transcripts of Parish Registers, 1600-1935). Her parents were given as Charles & Eleanor Corke.

She is found with her parents on the 1891, 1901 & 1911 census returns, as Edith A Corke in 1891 and Ada on 1901 & 1911. All three give a birth year of 1884.

All of this information is on my Ancestry tree (with sources) which you have obviously found. The tree also shows the relatives of Ada, descended from her parents. However, it does not give the names and details of living relatives.

Until I received your message I had no information on Ada beyond the 1911 census that I could be sure of. I had not found a marriage that I could reliably attribute to her, I couldn’t find her in 1939 as a Corke nor could I find a death as a Corke.

I have found the 1939 Reg. that you have referred to where an Ada H Shepherd (Widow) is living at 28 Belfort Place, Great Yarmouth C.B., Norfolk, England with a closed record (assumed to be a child), however the date of birth is 14 Jan 1887, not 1884. The day and month of birth provide good circumstantial evidence but the year is a problem. It could be Ada Hannah Corke as I have found other 1939 Regs. where the day and month are correct and the year is incorrect. However, I was still not totally convinced.

I have also found the death that you have referred to where the death of an Ada Shepherd was registered in the 1st Q of 1865 in Yarmouth. The age at death was 82. If this was Ada Hannah Corke she would not have turned 82 until January 1966. This does not match but could be within the bounds of error.

I have now found further evidence that appears to confirm a link between Ada Shepherd & Ada Hannah Corke. Ada Hannah Corke had a younger brother named Victor Corke (See 1901 & 1911 census on my tree). His British Army Service record gives his address on enlistment as 28 Belfort Place, St Nicholas Rd Gt Yarmouth (See my tree). This is the same address as Ada Shepherd in 1939. This takes the link beyond coincidence and into the realms of ‘on the balance of probability’ if not ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

We now have the task of linking the Raymond Shepherd on the CWGC site to the Ada Shepherd nee Corke in 1939. I would normally find his birth registration which would give his mother’s maiden name, then use this to find the marriage of his parents at an appropriate time and place.

The CWGC record gives Raymond’s age at the time of his death as 21. As he died on the 1st May 1943 he would have been born between the 1st May 1921 and the 30th April 1922 (2nd Q 1921 to 3rd Q 1922 allowing for six weeks to register the birth). Unfortunately there are no obvious candidates with a first name of Raymond.

Raymond   Shepherd   2nd Q   1921   mother’s maiden name Swales Middlesbrough   Yorkshire
Raymond L   Shepherd   3rd Q   1921   mother’s maiden name Tilley   St. Thomas Devon
Raymond   Shepherd   4th Q   1921   mother’s maiden name Gregory   West Bromwich   Staffordshire

Raymond P   Sheppard   2nd Q   1921   mother’s maiden name Bishop   Devizes Wiltshire
Raymond   Sheppard   4th Q   1921   mother’s maiden name Moran   West Bromwich   Staffordshire
Raymond   Sheppard   3rd Q   1922   mother’s maiden name Adlam   Isle of Wight Hampshire

I can’t find a record of a marriage of an Ada (Eadie or Edith) Corke to a Shepherd.

The CWGC record give Raymond’s mother as Ada Shepherd with no father mentioned. This could imply that there was no father. If we look for births of a Raymond Corke during the same period we get:-

Raymond S   Corke   3   1921   mother’s maiden name Corke   Rochford   Essex

This record gives a birth of a Raymond during the right time period with a connection to the Corke name. Could the initial stand for Shepherd? This is of course only a theory but are there any other options? It explains the lack of a appropriate marriage, the lack of a birth record for a Raymond Shepherd and also why his father wasn’t mentioned on the CWGC record.

I would add that on the 1939 register, the closed entry below Ada does look like it might say ‘Shepherd, Raymond’ as you can just see the tails of the letters ‘p’ and ‘y’ in the right places. It seems likely that he was an only child.


Newspaper article from the Great Yarmouth Mercury