Ian Douglas Crawford

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Hi David,

Thank you for your efforts in this matter, as I mentioned I am fairly distantly related and only discovered Ian in my reserach, I attach what i know and will keep looking into it locally. What i know so far;

Ian was born 1921 in Glasgow.

As far as my current research shows he was the youngest of 8 children,
of John Crawford and Jean Bell.

John being a brother to my Great grandmother, Susan Crawford.

I only recently expanded my research in this area so have limited information, and do not know of any closer living relatives, although from such a large family there possibly will be some.

I found a listing for Ian at a burial ground in Sandymount Cemetery, Glasgow, but it is clearly a memorial to him at family plot.

Ian’s nephew, son of his sister Margaret Hamilton Crawford and a Salathiel Hill, William Hill is also remembered on this memorial, William also died in service, it appears that in July 1942 William was a sergeant with the RAF volunteer reserve and was in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) undertaking training as a pilot at the SFTS (Service Flying Training School) when an air accident occured and he was killed aged 20 years.

So this family have within a year lost two of the nearest and dearest to the World War 2 conflict.

Unfortunately I am unable to clarify which of the images you attached is Ian.

I will dig away and see if i can find anyone with better knowledge on the matter, if I can assist in any way please let me know.

Ian Douglas Crawford
Nephew of Sgt. Crawford.

Article from the Osoyoos Times, Canada!